Your property’s landscape is unique. The soil, trees and surrounding plants give your property a unique ecosystem. That’s why giving each property the same plant health care plan is a mistake. A one size fits all approach to plant health care can kill your plants–leaving your property looking old and uncared for. The last thing you want is a property that is unattractive to your customers. But with the right knowledge, you can keep your property looking lush, attractive and vibrant year-round.

At Critical Environments, we use plant health care techniques that have been perfected for over two decades. With expert knowledge in plant health care, we know how to keep your plants healthy and vibrant. When you partner with one of our asset management experts, you will get a plant health care plan that’s unique to the needs of your property. It starts with an inspection of your property’s soil, plants, and climate conditions. After that, you will receive a detailed action plan. This action plan helps lets you know the threats your plants face and how to stop them.

Our proactive approach to plant health care means your property stays safe and beautiful.

Plant health care services include:
• Environmentally friendly pest control
• Environmentally safe fertilization
• Soil analysis
• Deep rooting feeding
• Plant disease inspection
• Supplemental irrigation
• Treatments to make your plants drought tolerant

Other Services