When it comes to landscape management, attention to detail is everything. The outside of your property is the first thing customers see. And if your landscape isn’t looking sharp, then you could be sending your customers the wrong message. That’s why landscape enhancement is so important.

Whether your property was built today or twenty years ago, small changes to your property can make a huge impact. A turf conversion or seasonal upgrade can improve how your tenants or customers see you. Adding mulch to your property can help you control weeds and improve irrigation, saving you money on water. Improving the visibility of your property can even reduce the threat of crime.

At Critical Environments, we’ll help you achieve these things and more. Our asset management experts take pride in paying special attention to every detail of your property. When you partner with us, you will get a detailed plan of action to help you create a property you can be proud of.

Landscape enhancements include:
• Seasonal color rotation
• Landscape design
• Landscape renovation
• Turf conversion
• Mulching
• Irrigation enhancements and water management

Other Services